Planning your computer and productivity system for 2008

Bless Lifehacker, I'm really enjoying planning how I'd like to work in 2008. Yesterday I asked you if you'll be using a digital or paper calendar next year, and told you I'll be working mainly from a paper diary, supplemented by Google Calendar.
Yesterday I bought myself one of the small black Moleskine 'day per day' diaries, as well as a matching reporter notebook, which will be my jot pad while on the road.
If, like me, you're looking for ideas on a productivity system which works for you, the Web Worker Daily blog today has a post rounding up some productivity tips for Outlook and Gmail/Gcal users, which is worth a look.
In the meantime, I'm curious to know if you have any "end of year" habits for tying up loose ends before launching into a fresh new year? Let me know in comments.

Quick steps towards working more efficiently in 2008 [Web Worker Daily]


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