Paint Your Car for $75

diy-paint-job.pngDIY web site Instructables details the poor man's method for painting a car for around $75 with a combination of Rustoleum, mineral spirits (paint thinner), foam brushes, sandpaper, and some painter's tape. You may not result in a fully professional finish, but if you're looking for a cheap method to improve the looks of your not-so-hot paint job without spending much to do it, this method might be for you. If you're thinking about giving it a try, be sure to check out this video for application instructions.


    or why not borrow an air compressor/spray gun off someone, go to a good quality paint shop and get the right paint for what you are looking at doing... then one weekend when you have nothing to do clean out your shed so there are no dust particles cover up anything important on the walls of your shed, cover up any lights/reflectors wheels (anything on your car that's not being painted and paint your car the same way the professionals do it wont cost a fortune for paint... (practice using a spray gun on an old sheet of wood first to get the hang of it)

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