Mobile broadband market heats up

The pre-Christmas price wars seem to be on in the mobile broadband space. Both Optus and Vodafone cut their prices recently and this month 3 announced it was cutting its mobile broadband charges by half until January 15. Its entry level 1GB plan is now $14.50 per month (you need to start or have an existing 3 phone account to be eligible).
APC magazine wrote up the lastest details of the price war here - author David Flynn concluded that Vodafone has the edge in the pricewar: "Its $39/5GB plan is $10 per month cheaper than 3, and the choice of a USB or ExpressCard modem will appeal to notebook users who'd rather fill a card slot than plug in a soap-on-a-rope dongle."
You can find details of Vodafone's $39 per month, 5GB mobile broadband offer here and the details about 3's offer are here. Remember to read the fine print of the contract, and check coverage areas too.


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