Merry Christmas from Lifehacker AU

It's Christmas Eve and we're about to go into quiet mode for the holidays. We'll be taking the public holidays off, and there will be a reduced number of posts through the holidays until we return on Wednesday, 2 January to crank up Lifehacker AU to full speed for 2008.

I've really enjoyed looking after Lifehacker since we started the AU edition back in August of this year. Partly because I've gotten to be hands-on with a lot of cool tech, partly because it's helped me get more organised! And thanks are certainly due to you readers and commenters, for your kind feedback and helpful comments. I hope that will continue in 2008! I'm really looking forward to 2008. I already have my Moleskine diary primed and ready to go! ;)

And because it's Christmas Eve and visions of tech gifts to come will be dancing in most geek's heads tonight (and because I haven't had an opportunity to post about it's awesomeness yet this year), here's a link to the uber geeky present I know I won't be getting, but I still want: the R2R2 DVD projector with Millennium Falcon controller.

Whatever you're hoping for this Christmas, I hope you get indulged a little too. Merry Christmas and have a safe holiday period, guys. See you in the New Year. :)


    Merry Christmas Sarah and all the other Lifehacker contributers and readers. You have done a great job with the Aussie flavoured site.

    Comments? What comments?

    Happy Festivus to you too.

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