Manage Your Money with Wesabe Dashboard Widget

Wesabe-Widget.pngMac OS X only: Previously introduced money management web app, Wesabe, makes it even easier to manage your money with a free dashboard widget. The widget has two views: transactions and accounts. The accounts view (shown above) displays the balance of each account. The transactions view (not shown) displays the most recent 10 transactions. The dashboard widget makes it very easy and convenient to manage your finances at-a-glance. The Wesabe dashboard widget is a free download for Mac OS X only.


    Since this has popped up on the Australian edition of Lifehacker, it seems pertinent to ask whether it works with Australian bank accounts and credit cards? Does anyone have any experience of using it here in Aus?

    It's been a year and Duncan's question is still open.
    So why was this article posted on the Australian edition in the first place?

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