Make your own 3D world from paper

paper_globe.pngThis nifty earth relief globe was created using paper modelling. The images used to create the globe were taken from the National Geophysical Data Center - NOAA Satellite and Information service website. The template to make your own was kindly made available by paper modelling enthusiast Giuseppe Civitares on the PaperPino website. Download the template in  PDF format here.

[via MAKE]


    Nope. This looks like an email/personal info harvester. If the item is free I shouldn't have to give my email, address, credit card etc.

    I've given them a disposable email address, and have not received an email with the activation link yet.
    Looks like a scam to me (unless my email is just slow)

    Correction, I signed up with the disposable email address, they said that they would send an activation email (which I eventually received), however I just clicked on check out, confirm, and confirm, and it said I could download the pdf (it gives me 5 downloads.

    Technically its copyright information, so I shouldn't put it onto a file distro site, but if you provide a valid email address (and some *COUGH* "legitimate" *COUGH* name and address information, you can check out and collect the file.

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