Make Windows Look Like a Mac with FlyakiteOSX

Windows only: Didn't get the Mac you asked for this Christmas but still desperate to feel like you're running OS X, even if it is on a Windows computer (assuming you're not running a Hackintosh, that is)? Freeware application FlyakiteOSX transforms the look of Windows so even though you're still running Windows, it looks convincingly like OS X. Everything from your Control Panel to your login screen gets the OS X polish, so if you're one of the many who tries prefers the feel of OS X on your Windows box, the freeware, Windows-only FlyakiteOSX may be for you. Vista users, you're not currently supported.


    This program Corrupted my harddrive just 2 mins ago.

    MY whole main OS partition was corrupted and unknown and ive lost so much its horrid.

    Stay away from this program!

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