Lifehacker's Gina Trapani makes Forbes internet celebrity list

gina.pngWe knew it already, but Forbes has confirmed it - Lifehacker US Editor Gina Trapani is a dead set Internet celebrity. She's #7 on their list of this year's top 25 web celebs, and is in some serious company including Tech Crunch's Michael Arrington, Boing Boing's Cory Doctorow and the baby faced founder of Facebook,Mark Zuckerburg.

Australia's own Problogger, Darren Prowse made the list.
Nice to see Harry from Ain't it Cool News there too. There's only one fictional character there, Fake Steve Jobs. What a shame that the top spot was grabbed by a celebrity gossip columnist. Hopefully next year we'll see a tech head top the list. :)

The Web Celeb 25 [Forbes]


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