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2007's been another fantastic year here at Lifehacker, and in case you've missed any of it, today we've got the highlights reel. In the spirit of the Google Zeitgeist, I've put our data-crunching elves back to work yet again to calculate the most popular posts and tags here on Lifehacker this year, as well as the most busy commenters and bloggers. After the jump, get Lifehacker's 2007 Zeitgeist.

WARNING: Ahead you will find the most meta, navel-gazey post you'll ever see on Lifehacker all year 'round. Forgive us; we're data nerds who can't help ourselves. Promise you won't see another post like this until next year.

Most Trafficked Posts in 2007

While traffic isn't a perfect pointer to our best content, it's a pretty good way to see what posts resonated with our readers most. Here's a big helping of 2007's most popular posts (that were published in 2007).

Interestingly, our top two viewed posts in 2007 weren't published in 2007 at all (thank you, Google.) More than a year later, How to dual-boot Windows XP and Windows Vista and Turn your $60 router into a $600 router still top the charts for our most trafficked posts.

Most Frequently Used Tags of 2007

Wanna know how much Windows versus Mac versus Linux coverage we do? Here's a list of the top tags we editors used most frequently in 2007.

Most Commented-on Posts

Some posts garner more discussion (and begging) than others. Here are our top five most commented-on posts of 2007.

Most Frequent Commenters

Lifehacker is nothing if it's not an incredibly knowledgeable community of folks swapping ideas and tips in our comments. Ever wonder who our busiest commenters are? I did, and my data-crunching elves did not disappoint. Here's a list of the Lifehacker readers who have commented the most this year. (Embarrassingly, I'm at the top of the list. Clearly I like to hear myself talk.)

Editor Productivity Report

Finally, since we go on about productivity every day, we thought we'd report back all the editors' posting rates this year at Lifehacker. We've had more great writers on Lifehacker in 2007 than ever before, some who we lost and some who we gained. Since Adam and I were on board all year through, we both clock in with the lion's share of the 5,500 posts published on site this year. However, Adam gets the grand prize for most posts with a total of 1,689 (beating me out by just one!). Here's the rest of the self-indulgent breakdown:


Thanks for an amazing 2007 at Lifehacker. I think I speak for all of the LH editors when I say what privilege it is to interact with you all every day here. Rock on!


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