Learn to love the Windows key

keyboard.jpgThe Windows key seems to inspire loathing far beyond what is reasonable for a mere key on a keyboard. I know people who've pried it off the keyboard completely (disabling it just wasn't enough). As a gamer, I've learned to hate it because of my propensity for leaning on it at inopportune times, popping myself out of the game just as a monster is trying to eat me.
But Fast Company today has published a list of useful Vista shortcuts which it says could shave 10 minutes off the average person's workday - leaving you with a spare week a year. Perhaps it's time to learn to love the Windows key?

Here are a couple of the shortcuts they recommend:

Windows + # = Launches shortcut in Quick Launch with the position corresponding to the # entered.

Windows + X= Launches Windows Mobility Center
Windows + G= Cycles through Sidebar Gadgets
Windows + Tab  +CNTRL= Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D   

While it's typical for heavy keyboard users (like programmers) to minimise the amount they use the mouse, preferring keyboard shortcuts for efficiency and ergonomic reasons, I wonder if this love of the keyboard extends to the Windows key. I have to admit I wasn't familiar with the shortcuts above. Do you use them?

Shortcut keys in Vista [Fast Company]


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