Launchy 2.0 Adds Polish, Easier Configuration

Launchy 2.0 Adds Polish, Easier Configuration

Windows only: Open source keyword launcher Launchy grows up a little with a 2.0 release. Most of the changes seem to be in the interface—polished icons, better skinning support, transparency and fade effects, and other visual tweaks. But program options have been condensed into one window, plugins are more customisable, and the launcher seems more configurable overall. It’s important to note that any plugins and skins Launchy users currently have won’t work with 2.0 (yet), and your configuration file will be wiped away, so you might want to make a few notes before upgrading. Just jumping into Launchy? Check out Adam’s screenshot tweaking tour and guide to taking Launchy beyond applications. Launchy is a free download for Windows only. Thanks Troy!


  • Launchy is fantastic.
    It’s probably the best piece of freeware i’ve “found” for my computer this year…

    However I’m finding 2.0 to be less stable 🙁 getting a lot of random crashes for reasons I can’t quite pin down yet (only installed it today) – but I do use it very extensively. I use it to run all programs, as a quick calculator, to run music and to open web addresses. It’s great!

    (Other good freeware I love for Windoze is few and far between but I found some neat customisations for foobar, meaning I can rock my lossless audio in a pretty looking box… And VLC is always aweseome).

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