Install Ubuntu Linux on an ASUS Eee PC

Via our friends at Melbourne radio station RRR's computer show, Byte into IT, comes this link with two nice bits of information for fans of the ASUS Eee PC mini-laptop. One - there's an Eee PC blog. And two - some kind soul has customised the popular Linux distro Ubuntu for the Eee PC. The Eee PC blogged about that here, and points interested readers towards the EeeUser Wiki for eeeXubuntu here.
One feature which the eeeXubuntu creators have worked on is simplifying the Eee PC's wireless, which sounds great as it was a stumbling block for me and several other uses I've spoken to.

eeeXubuntu: Ubuntu for the ASUS EeePC [EeePC Blog]


    I got my EEE ("teeeny") yesterday. So cool. I've even started doing some OpenGL development on it :)

    I'm going to give Xandros a good go - its boot time is pretty incredible and I understand other OS installs aren't nearly as fast to boot.

    I had zero issues setting up the wireless... I just followed the instructions in the quickstart manual :)

    Oh, I've also found forum and wiki to be invaluable (that blog links to the wiki on

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