How Do You Organise Your Tax Receipts?


December is upon us, which means it's time to start getting 2007 tax paperwork in order. This year I tried out a very high-tech organisation system for deductible receipts (pictured.) Instead of just dropping an enormous pile of differently-shaped scraps of paper into a single folder, I broke them up into labelled envelopes, which is ok, but there's still room for improvement. What about you? How do you keep records of your charitable contributions, misc income and other work expenses to get all your write-offs? Let us know in the comments. (For more December money tasks, check out our year-end to-do list.)


    Easy, there is a new product on the market that helps you keep your tax documents in physical and electronic form. This is called Taxstar! It comes with a folder and software package.

    You can visit the site at

    Very simple to use, and if you use a tax agent they will love it.

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