HD-DVD 'not taking Australian market seriously'

A report in the SMH today has Blu-ray aligned movie rental outfits Video Ezy and Blockbuster quoted as saying the HD DVD lobby is "missing the boat" and not taking the Australian market seriously enough.
Our pals at Gizmodo reported back in October that JB Hi-Fi, (which was snuggled up to Sony at the launch of Blu-ray in Australia saying it would never carry HD-DVD in its stores), had backflipped after eight months and will actually stock both formats.
Is it really a 'two discs enter, one disc leave' situation? I know there's already at least one player on the market that can handle Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.


    The HD-DVD support is pretty poor here.

    I bought a HD-DVD player locally in January.

    I own about 20 HD-DVDs, not a single one bought locally!

    Hard to find a hd-dvd player in most stores, went into harvery norman today and all i see if blu :D 95% of the players were ps3's.

    Im noticing a fair few HD-DVD players in Australia, but like Craig almost no CDs locally. I think Blu-Ray might just win the war in Australia. However, if HD-DVD wins in America, Australia will probably follow suit.

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