Google releases Picasa 2.7 beta for Linux

linux_picasa.pngGoogle has rounded out the feature set of the Linux version of its photo suite, Picasa, with the release of the beta version of Picasa 2.7. Linux users will know that Picasa for Linux hadn't included a number of features available in later Windows versions (including Picasa web intregration). However the new version lets you upload to Picasa Web albums using the new "web album" button. Other new features include the ability to save edits to disk (including batch saving), folder hierarchy views and improvements to the import function and RAW support.
The preview version of 2.7 can be downloaded here.
It's not all good news though - the Google Operating System blog points out that the new version "still doesn't support videos, full-screen slideshows and it's still using WINE."


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