Google Earth adds new aerial photo layer and iGoogle gadget

google_earth.pngGoogle Earth is a great way to explore our gorgeous planet and indulge in a spot of geo-porn, and it's just gotten even more beautiful and accessible, with the addition of a new layer of  photos by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
The series of nearly 500 photos, entitled "The Earth from Above" feature aerial views of the earth - many taken from hot air balloon.
The cool thing is there's also a new gadget you can add to your iGoogle home page so you'll see a different image from the photo set every day. At the bottom of the gadget window is a "View in Google Earth" button which lets you switch from viewing the photo on your homepage into seeing the area on Google Earth. Very neat.
The photos come paired with information and statistics about the current environmental situation they depict. This information comes from, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of sustainable development.You can find the iGoogle gadget and a YouTube interview with Yann here.
And in case you're wondering - the photo above is Grand Prismatic Spring, at America's famous Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.


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