Get in Shape with the Wii Sports Weight Loss Program

wii-weightloss.pngWeblog Wii Healthy—a site dedicated to exercising with your Wii—details a 10-week exercise program for losing weight with Wii Sports. In all, the program consists of approximately 30-45 minutes of active Wii Sports playing per day, from boxing and tennis (which burn the most calories) to bowling and baseball. Your Wii promises to be a workout king once Wii Fit hits the shelves, but until then, the Wii Sports Weight Loss program is worth a bookmark if the Wii is on your Christmas list this year.


    I played the tennis the other day at at a mates house, and whilst I found it hugely entertaining (though i did lose!)I really cant see how you could use Wii as a substitute for exercise. My topspin backhand was better than in real life!

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