Get Fit in 10 Minutes

ellipticals.jpgHave you ever felt that there are just too few hours in the day to squeeze in a fitness routine? You're not alone. The Revolution Health guide feels your pain and suggests 25 ways to fit in some exercise. For example, doing jumping jacks for 5-minutes can get your heart rate up. If you're waiting for something (a friend after class, a child after practice, etc.), take a quick walk. Instead of using the elevator, climb stairs. If you're traveling, avoid the mechanized "moving carpets" and walk the distance instead. The article targets itself to women, but these are practices that can be implemented by anyone, and these small workouts ultimately all add up to improve your lifestyle.


    Another 10 minute solution is here;

    I'm not affiliated with them... i'm just enjoying the benefits of their intelligent approach to health and exercise.

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