Get a Free Copy of Vista Ultimate for Your Feedback

windows-vista-box.jpg UPDATE: Lifehacker US has advised that Microsoft has now withdrawn this offer. US-centric: Snag yourself a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Office 2007, or Microsoft Money Plus before December 31st by participating in Microsoft's Windows Feedback Program. Here's the catch: you must agree to letting MS peer over your shoulder and watch how you use your computer for three months with automated feedback software, and answer survey questions about your computer use, so the 'soft can help make their 'ware better. Your privacy for software that retails for up to $400 might not sound like a good deal to some. But, if you opt for the survey feedback, you control how you answer the questions (though it'll be more work than the automated program.) Update: Do'h! You must do BOTH the survey and the automated over-the-shoulder-peering ware to get the goods. Thanks, TheTick! AU - looks like this one is US-only, sorry guys.


    not for aussieland

    Its only for US residents!!

    @OldGrim re: UsGovt Software - If you have adobe photoshop, you're already running unscreened software provided by the US govt. The module that prevents using photoshop to monkey with US currency was provided to Adobe by a US Govt agency precompiled. Nobody in the public sector has ever scrutinized the code behind that module, yet it's distributed in one of the most commonly used (and most commonly pirated) applications in the world.

    I'm an Aussie - so I obviously won't be participating. If it's a retail package, I'd probably just EBAY the bastard anyway - from what I can see, Vista might as well be called Windows ME 2007. I use XP and OSX tiger fairly regularly and I'm not seeing a compelling reason to upgrade either at the moment.

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