Christmas decoration ideas with a geeky twist

deco1.jpgI haven't got my Christmas tree yet, but today I spotted a couple of very cute and geeky ideas for Christmas tree decorations. Pictured is an example of the range of decorations sold by Nigel's Eco Store out of the UK. They're made from recycled computer parts, if that's not obvious. :) If you're a DIY type with a lot of old computer bits lying around, I'm sure you could have some fun making something similar. (link courtesy of the Geek Dad blog).

And for the real DIYers out there, check out the Christmas tree and reindeer designs you can download and laser cut, courtesy of Ben Arendt. (link via the MAKE blog).

If you have kids, helping them make Christmas decorations can be a really fun thing to do. If you have any other DIY Christmas decoration ideas, please share in comments.


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