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project2manage.jpgJust-launched webapp Project2Manage tracks multiple projects, to-do's, milestones, clients and companies for free online. Great for small or side businesses, consultants, or just a group of friends working on something, you can set up several users in your Project2Manage account, create to-do lists, assign tasks to users, set milestones with dates, post messages, and track project activity with RSS. While the interface is slick and modern, Project2Manage isn't quite as polished as Basecamp, and it includes advertising. However, for folks who don't want to pay for Basecamp's features, Project2Manage looks like a solid alternative.


    They haven't corrected the biggest Basecamp mistakes though. I still think that if you need excellent communication combined with real project management stuff there's no better alternative than []

    Check out, an online project management tool that provides all-in-one functionality: managing projects and tasks, time management, issue tracking system and increased team collaboration through wikis. is a web-based solution that offers basic project management functionality and enhanced collaboration for its users and their teams.It is completely free of charge and can be used after the one-step registration has been completed. With, individuals and teams can create projects and tasks, can assign tasks to project members, can track time, expenses and issues and can use wikis to boost collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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