How to find an internet friendly cafe in Australia

coffee break.jpgTechdirt ran an amusing piece today which claimed that some cafes in the US have become tightwads about letting people plug in their laptops or phones to recharge. Which strikes me as pretty counterproductive if you're offering internet access as part of your service to customers. I haven't heard of net cafes doing this in Australia, but then again, decent internet cafes seem to be pretty scarce here full stop!
This last point got me thinking. We already told you how to get airport Wi-Fi while travelling in Australia, but if you're out and about and in search of a cafe to stop and do some work or web browsing, I'm not 100% sure where to recommend. There are the larger chains like McDonalds, Starbucks and Gloria Jeans, but apart from those usual suspects, many internet cafes are small and grotty and I wouldn't want my beloved laptop going anywhere near their (probably virus riddled) network. Cybercafe e55 in Melbourne is a notable exception - I used to while away many an hour there while visiting Melbourne.
So if you can recommend your favourite internet-friendly cafe (preferably somewhere with decent coffee too!) please share in comments.

Bad Trends: Cafes block outlets [Techdirt]

Comments has a listing of free and paid wifi hotspots.

    I don't know how comprehensive it is but it does have the only 3 free spots in Canberra that I'm aware of.

    Fed Square has free wi-fi provided by Optus.

    In Boston there was at least 1 store in a city block with free wifi (and usually computer outlets!)

    In Northern California you can be in a car, driving down the street and have consistent internet for miles and miles (even on the highway!)

    In Canberra things are bleak. I think the nicest is the National Library. I like sip coffee in the cafe with my friends, internet and electrical outlet. I did look into the Pancake Parlor (free wifi!) but they looked dirty and scared me lots.

    I also once, in desperation, paid for internet in a McDonalds but it was horribly expensive and uncomfortable.

    City Extra at Circular Quay in Sydney offers free wifi, but you have to ask for the password. No idea about the coffee, but the food is cheap and cheerful.

    AFK Cafe in Brisbane provides free wireless, no passwords or anything, just free wireless :).

    Gigi, it's a pity you didn't go downstairs & try the Pancake Parlour. The coffee is good & the pancakes are awesome.

    Royal Domain Cafe in Melbourne (on St Kilda Road between Park and Dorcas) has free WiFi...

    MAGnation (In Melbourne that i know of) has free Wireless internet + Great Café! And the best part is You can also Brows Magazines if you dont want to brows the net! ALL FOR FREE!! see for more

    Where is there a free wifi spot in canberra for like a ipod touch so I can get music

    guys check out this site for a full listing of laptop friendly cafes in Melbourne & Sydney, it lists free wifi and also power outlets too!

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