Create Quick-Kill Shortcuts for Runaway Applications

Create Quick-Kill Shortcuts for Runaway Applications

taskkill.pngGot an unstable application that you can’t give up for whatever reason that also freezes up on you regularly? Weblog CyerNet details how to create quick-kill shortcuts for specific applications using either the built-in Windows command line tool taskkill, or a third-party command line tool called taskill (notice one less ‘k’). With the default taskkill, just create a shortcut that runs the following:

taskkill /f /im firefox.exe

Where firefox.exe is replaced by the the application you want to force to quit. Lastly, if you’re a *nix user (Mac or Linux), you can use the killall command, so a similar command would look something like killall firefox-bin, though you can dig deeper when killing apps on your Mac if you want.


  • Another solution is to virtualise the app. This runs the software in what is really a windows ‘sandbox’, and you can kill or delete the program easily. The program does not have interference issues with any other software. Great for testing without having to worry about any registry damage or mess when uninstalling!

    I’ve been playing with the free version of Altiris SVS and am so far impressed.

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