Create a Must-Have Cleaning Kit

spray.jpgIf keeping a cleaner household is on your list of things to do for 2008, you might want to get started by building up a must-have list of cleaning equipment. Real Simple magazine suggests 22 items that belong in your cleaning kit. You'll need an easy-to-tote caddy that can store all your wares, which should include disinfecting wipes for counter tops, squeegees for shower doors and mirrors, spare toothbrushes for hard-to-reach crevices, and a microfiber duster for your blinds, paintings, and anything that accumulates dust. Additionally, consider adding baking soda, vinegar, all-purpose cleaner, and dishwasher liquid as each of these cleaning solvents can help remove mineral deposits and other dirt from a variety of surfaces throughout your home. What's in your cleaning kit? Feel free to let it out in the comments.


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