Cover Your Porn Browsing Tracks with HideBad

Cover Your <strike>Porn</strike> Browsing Tracks with HideBad

hideBad.pngFirefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): The hideBad Firefox extension instantly saves and closes your current browsing session and opens your default homepage with the stroke of a key. Let’s see, why might someone want to use this? Well, since the holidays are around the corner, let’s say you’re doing a little online shopping and that special someone walks in on you. Hit the shortcut, hide the session, and they’ll never be the wiser. Now just replace shopping with porn surfing and special someone with anyone and we’ve probably painted a more realistic picture of how hideBad will likely be used. Restored sessions can be password protected, and on activation hideBad can also clear your history and other incriminating tidbits. Naughty! hideBad is free, works wherever Firefox does. Use in conjunction with Stealther and you’ve got the ultimate porn mode for Firefox.

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