Convert URLs for easy mobile phone access

DigitURL is a web service that allows mobile phone users to access internet sites using numeric addresses, rather than traditional URLs. It was launched last month by Melbourner Andrew Gray.
Andrew told me he created DigitURL because wanted to make URLs easier to access from mobile phones. "Numeric addresses can be much easier to enter on phone keypads, particularly if the URL is long and complicated (as they so often are these days)."
You can find some more information at DigitlURL's blog:

"A unique aspect of DigitURL is the Java client software for mobile phones. This forms the interface between the phone and the web, accepting numeric DigitURL address input. In case a user has not installed this application, a 'web-based' version is readily accessible at"

The site is in beta, and it's simple to use. I entered the URL via the web form and it emailed me the resulting numeric DigitlURL in the following formats:  76639246294 or or the protocol address: digiturl://76639246294. Once you've entered these into your phone, obviously you can bookmark them for future use too.

Thanks for the tip, Andrew!



    Try "Melbournian"

    Isn't this what Bango in the UK have been doing for years? I thought they had patents out on this stuff too. Try to get to google

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