Contribute to Wired's science reporting

Wired science reporter Alexis Madrigal is doing an interesting experiment into using social networking technology to aid in the creation and formation of news stories. Alexis will be posting story ideas and updates on Twitter, as well as sharing blogrolls via Google Reader, with the aim of letting readers "chime in with suggestions, new ideas, and story angles" which they hope will help readers get the kind of news they're interested in.
It's a nice proposition for readers who are keen to share their ideas and tips, but that's not really so new. Most news outlets rely on user feedback and tips for shaping the direction they go in. But given that Alexis makes it clear in the comments on that article that Wired is interested in breaking news, I wonder how they plan on balancing this transparency with the need for keeping things quiet until they're ready to publish and break a news story. I'll be watching with interest. :)

My Outboard Brain is Your Chance to Shape News (Wired)


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