Clean Your Household with Wine

wine.jpgWine is a great household cleaner since its acidity and alcohol can combat against popular dangerous kinds of bacteria. Wipe your kitchen counters with wine, or in the absence of (or in addition to) water, douse fruits and vegetables in the alcohol and let the acids within do their tricks. It's not a bad idea when traditional chemicals aren't readily available, and it may ultimately be safer too. Do you have any other household cleaning tips and shortcuts? Let's hear about them in the comments.


    A cheaper cleaning fluid than wine is vinegar. And combined with bicarbonate of soda, you have a very powerful, natural cleaner. Use vinegar and bicarb for cleaning and deodorizing drains; cleaning the washing machine bowl; bicarb by itself is great on stainless steel. Vinegar can also take the place of fabric softeners which are not ideal components for "grey" water used on the garden. And the "house brands" of vinegar are far cheaper then any other cleaner.

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