Channel 7 & 10 launch HD channels this week

Channels 7 and 10 are both beginning High Definition TV broadcasts this week. Seven's new channel, 7HD, which launches today, will have up to 50 hours a week of unique programming which it won't show on its main standard definition channel. Ten-HD will begin broadcasting on Sunday, and will likewise show unique content. While some of this "unique content" is stuff considered too niche for the main channels (gridiron anyone?), Seven will also invest in making shows specifically for HD, according to a story in the SMH today.
So do you have an HD tuner or set top box? I'd be interested to know your thoughts on HD-TV so far.


    Question for those of us who are newbies to HDTV. Do you have to have an HD tuner or special TV to see this content, regardless of the quality?

    Ch7 have been using their HD broadcast for a while now showing movies in the 10.30pm slot and at other times when no HD version of the "normal" programming was available.
    The quality has been good so far (and there have been fewer ads)

    I have a Pinnacle DVB-T that purports to put HDTV on my display. Looks good and shows the channels that my TV won't, even with a set-top box.

    We watch heaps of ABC2. I don't think it's HD, but we get that and DIG Radio through our set top box.

    Yeah thats all great but they never tell you whats on (7) plus there is no guides out there to tell you wants on (yahoo guide now does). On the weekends 7 has different movies etc the only problem is when say golf is on all day its on SD and HD.....some people dont like golf so what can they do beside change the channel or read a book, go outside, spend time with family.....i mean who wants to do that?

    Seven HD channel has being boring and amusing for reasons such as broadcasting one show a day at around 10'ish whilst 10 HD seems to be better because its broadcasting 50 hrs a week which is way better then 7

    7 has been broadcasting in the lowest HD format for a while 720p which isn't true hd (its a very low res). This week they're just starting to add 50 hours of exclusive HD content.

    Channel 10 on the other hand is broadcasting at the highest HD format (1080p I beleive), and they also are broadcasting 50 hours of exclusive HD content.

    I'm planning to buy a Digital TV tuner (DVB-T?) which picks up the digital/HD channels, its alot simpler then buying a whole new tv/set top box (and alot more flexible), plus you can just record your fave shows and burn to DVD then stick it in your tv's DVD player (Or just stream the live tv from your media centre PC/server to other pc's/laptops).

    Also a TV tuner is easier to program, you can get applications off the net to help you with recording.

    YASIR - The set top box merely picks up the digital transmission. You still need a HD capable TV to view the HD programs in...well HD. I recently bought a HDTV with built in tuner and as someone mentioned previously, I have enjoyed ABC2. 7HD and TenHD are welcome additions.

    Is chanel 7 going to put all the good shows on hd instead of the normal standard digital box
    so does this mean we have to go and buy a hdd box Ron

    I have a desktop set that shows both SD and HD channels. The problem for me is the HD channels do not appear on my TV screen suggesting either l dont have enough signal (seems strange l get SD) or some incapability by the Tv to show them. Wish some one could give me a reason. No web sites mention this issue...

    We in the country still do not have 7HD :(

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