Is broadband a productivity killer?

Many productivity gurus say that you need to firewall your attention to get things done. Always-on broadband internet is considered a basic business tool these days, but could it be hindering more than it helps? Darren Rowse, editor of Problogger, says getting booted back to dialup internet when moving house actually made him more productive: “…it has forced me to become more focused and to prioritize my tasks each day.”

Less time spent checking web stats, reading RSS feeds, checking emails and being on IM meant more time for strategic thinking and interruption-free writing, he says. And as a bonus, more time with the family as well.

I’d be loathe to give up broadband, although when I’m really under the gun on a deadline I do turn off IM and email notifications (and turn off the phone as well). Would you give up broadband in the name of productivity? Or are there other ways to firewall your attention?

How Dial Up Made Me a More Productive Blogger

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