Build the perfect baby video

baby.pngWhether you've got a baby on the way, or want to turn your handycam skills into a really for friends or family who are expecting, CNET's written up a guide for how to put together the perfect baby video. It includes a basic shopping list of gear you might need, as well as some pointers for shooting and editing the footage. The bit of advice which looked really helpful to me was simply that you should plan ahead for the kind of video you want to make:

"After the baby arrives, life might get just a wee bit hectic — so try to do some planning before the big day. That means building a shot list, which can be anything from a basic checklist of important people to film with the baby to something as in-depth as a storyboard."

The article lists a number of suggestions for shots you may want, including baby's arrival home from hospital, meeting the relatives for the first time and that kind of thing. You may want some "before" shots too - such as pictures of the parents-to-be decorating the nursery, opening presents at the baby shower and that kind of thing.

I'd add another important thing to the checklist which that story omits - if you're not the mum or dad yourself, make sure you talk over your plans with them and get their ok. Getting thrown out of the delivery room due to a misunderstanding would not be a great way to kick off your career as a baby movie maker. :)

Build the perfect baby video [CNET]


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