Bruce Schneier to speak at

Earlier this week we pointed you to an
interview with security guru Bruce
, who has previously advised Lifehacker readers on how to
pick secure passwords
. Turns out he’ll be visiting our shores as a
keynote speaker at in January.

LCA is probably
Australia’s largest open source technical conference. I spoke with
conference organiser Donna Benjamin this week and she told me they’ve

closed early bird registrations and the conference is on track to
selling out, with 2/3 of the tickets already sold.
The other keynote speakers are Stormy Peters,
Director of Community and Partner Programs at Open Logic and Anthony
Baxter, the release manager for the Python language.

The main conference programme features an array of
speakers from different fields presenting on the Linux kernel, the X
Window System, media, applications, desktop, law, security and

LCA 2008 will take place at the University of
Melbourne from January 28 to February 2 at the University of
Melbourne. You can register online at
More information on the conference can be found at:

If you go, I’ll see you there. 🙂

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