Bring Your ABC to the Desktop with ABC Now

Bring Your ABC to the Desktop with ABC Now

Our national broadcaster has added another string to its multimedia bow with the release of desktop gadget ABC Now, which is essentially a media player which lets you get ABC news headlines, radio
streams, podcasts and TV highlights on your PC. You can also get weather updates.
One nice feature is the ability to create a Favourites menu. When you’re browsing content in the “Find” section, each item has a “heart” icon and a “+” sign, which you just need to click to add to your Favourites list.
Cricket fans should note that “technical difficulties” mean they can’t broadcast the cricket through ABC Now yet.
You’ll need to be using either Real Player or Windows Media Player. Right now ABC now is Windows only, but they’ve promised a Mac version soon.
I’ve raved before about our national broadcaster’s efforts to do multimedia broadcasting well, and ABC Now is a nice addition to their offerings. I’ll need to do some experimenting to see if this standalone gadget can be incorporated into iGoogle or something similar. If you experiment, let us know how you get on in comments.
This new feature was spotted at APC.


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