Beware of Foxmarks' 2.0 Upgrade

foxmarks.gif Our favorite bookmarks synchronizing Firefox extension, Foxmarks, is going through some growing pains. I got the notification to upgrade to version 2.0.34 last night, and went ahead with it. But since I did, I haven't been able to connect to the synchronization servers. The Foxmarks folks say it's server overload and they're on the case, but if you can, I'd hold off before doing the update.


    I turned off password encryption in the settings and everything is working fine for me.

    I've experienced the same problems which is a huge pain considering how good a little gadget this is.

    Same problems here too. This add-on is simply THE best, most functional, useful little thing I use everyday. I use three different computers everyday, at different times of the day, and Foxmarks makes life worth living again.

    Seems to be "better" tonite (Thurs), have managed to upgrade and sync all 5 of my PC's now.

    Long Live Foxmarks...

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