A tip for updating an unlocked iPhone in Australia

For the Aussies out there who have been brave enough to obtain an unlocked iPhone for use in Australia, I spotted a tip which might help you.
WA-based Tech Crunch blogger Duncan Riley has blogged about his experience of upgrading his iPhone using iNdependence and the Revirginising Tool. He pointed out that Australian users may hit a stumbling block with the region setting, and offered up the fix he found: 

"... with my unlocked 1.1.2 iPhone the keypad for dialing numbers didn’t work. You’d dial one number then the screen would disappear. I looked everywhere for a solution and didn’t find one, aside from a guy on YouTube who solved it by hacking the country code on the iPhone. Turns out my iPhone was set to Australia on the International region screen, for what ever reason this causes the keypad to play up. Turn it back to United States and bingo: it works."

Hopefully that tidbit will be useful to someone out there. Thanks, Duncan!

Upgrading an iPhone from 1.02 to 1.1.2 [Duncan Riley]


    You are a genius (and the guy on you tube) Was about to give up and buy a legit iphone. It works - Man Many thanks

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