Visit ASIMO the robot

asimo.pngIf you, I mean your kids, love robots then Sydneysiders and Brisbanites should look out for the ASIMO robot tour which is on at the moment. ASIMO is a very cool robot designed by Honda who can walk, run at speeds of nearly 6km/hour and use stairs (so it's better than a Dalek!). It also has voice and face recognition.

 Not as cute as Sony's QURO robot which visited here in 2004, ASIMO is closer to human size. It looks like a short spaceman wearing a helmet and rocket pack on its back. The videos on the website show it carrying trays of drinks (take that, R2D2).

ASIMO will be appearing in shows throughout the day while on tour - they're set to music and include him dancing and performing soccer moves (!). Tickets are free and first come first serve. In Sydney's Darling Harbour til Sunday (25 November) ASIMO then heads up to Brisbane. More details here.


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