Virtual Visa cards for secure online shopping

For those wary of using their credit card online, our mates at Gizmodo AU have written up the new Visa Virtual Prepaid (VCARD) - which works as a virtual debit card. You buy a card of the value you want (with a $5.50 set up fee) - and if you want, you only have to use it once and then ditch it.

"You can buy these online, but of course that defeats the point for many this is targeted toward. So you can buy at your nearest Mobil/Quix and then activate the details online. You get a card number, expiry date, and three-digit security code. All smartly delivered part online, part via SMS or email, for extra security."

A similar concept is Bopo - a prepaid Visa card which you purchase and load with credit at any Bill Express newsagency. Tipster Kirk pointed this service out to us - and said it also lets you SMS money to other Bopo cards.

Thanks for the tip, Kirk!


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