Using Apple's database app Bento as a productivity tool

Anthony at Pocket Mojo has just reviewed Apple's new database creation application, Bento. The review is particularly interesting because he used Bento to create a productivity tool for himself. Check the review to see his walkthrough of how he used Bento to organise his workflow, by taking advantage of Leopard's ability to directly read and write iCal and Address book data:

"As all my workflow is now in iCal I can sync it to my mobile phone and access it from within iCal and Mail - applications that I always have active."

Good stuff Anthony! Any chance you can share the app you created? It sounds neat. :)


    Hi there

    It's probably woth noting that Bento doesn't allow sharing of applications at the moment. You can import and export data (I imported most of my data from the spreadsheet list I was using) but the actual Libraries and Collections you create can't be shared.

    However, the software is in beta so it's possible that the final or a subsequent release will address that.

    Good to know, but, damn. :)

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