Use Linkedin to Get Work

linkedin_logo.pngFacebook seems to have taken off as the grownups networking app du jour in Australia, but I've had a couple of people mention Linkedin to me recently - one who was headhunted by a company who found her via her public profile, another who was appraising a job candidate via the person's Linkedin profile.
The Freelance Switch blog has published a guide for getting the most out of your Linkedin profile, which includes tips on creating your profile, building a network and using your profile to get work. They advise being thorough in filling out your public profile as the site carries a lot of search engine weight and a search for your name on Google is likely to return your Linked in profile on the first page of results.
Linkedin also has a tool which helps you build an email signature to promote your Linkedin profile.
I have found my way onto Facebook but not Linkedin as yet. Have you had any good, bad or indifferent results from using professional social networking sites? Please share your experiences in comments.

8 Things You Can Do to Get Work through Linkedin [Freelance Switch]


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