Tweak Google Scholar to find resources at your Uni

Lifehacker AU reader Peggy has posted some study tips for students, including a nice tweak for Google Scholar which helps you find resources at your local Uni.

1. Go to ‘Scholar Preferences
2. In the Library Links section, search for your uni
3. Hopefully your uni will be listed, if so tick the check box (If not, maybe ask a librarian and see if the uni can get listed)
4. In the Bibliography Manager section, select EndNote
5. Click on ‘Save Preferences
Now when you search, for the papers you usually need to login to download you’ll see a link similar to “Find [email protected]” next to it. When you click on the link, it’ll take you to your uni’s login page and once you login you’ll be taken directly to the article. Nice isn’t it? Also, with EndNote, all articles should now have an “Import to EndNote” link, click on it to import into your EndNote library – no need to manually enter the details (though be careful there are times when Google doesn’t reference properly, but it’s rare, and usually an easy fix)

Ten Useful Tips to Help with Research [Psychopyko]

Thanks for the tip, Peggy!

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