Turn On Auto-Complete on Google


Google's Experimental Search section has added a feature that lets users enable auto-completion of search queries from their main Google pages. While certainly not a new function in the search world, "Keyword suggestions" can help you spell out hard-to-remember words like onomatopoeia and harness the searches used by other Google searchers to find what you're looking for. Unfortunately, turning on keyword auto-complete will turn off any other Experimental features you have enabled, such as keyboard shortcuts, and doesn't carry over to iGoogle home pages yet. For those who still use the streamline basic Google page, however, it couldn't hurt to try it out.


    I can't get the google Keywords Experimental feature to work in safari (v 2.0.4, OSX 10.4.9).

    Is it incompatible? It works okay in camino 1.5 on same system

    well, never mind, now it just kicked in and i got safari and keywords experiment to work together. i don't know why, but now it works ????

    I take that back -- it's not the keywords experimental feature that's working -- that still won't work.

    what is working is the suggestion from above to use this google search page:


    that page works for me to auto complete, i have no idea how it differs from the keywords experiment (which i have turned on but still won't work w/ safari).

    Anway, that's fyi fwiw update.

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