Tips for being a frugal parent

I suspect that having kids is a great way to learn about time and money management. The Simple Dollar blog has published a few tips for frugal parenting which offers both time and money saving tips.

A couple of time-saving tips stood out -  including finding activities which can be supervised by one parent while the other parent is freed up to do other work or have some downtime, and swapping babysitting with another family to ensure a night off from the kids every now and then.

Some of the money saving tips made my inner child groan (oh noes, home hair cuts!)  but the emphasis on finding simple, creative toys seems to offer more benefits than just saving money.

Likewise, this tip really stood out:

Involve the children in every possible activity that you do. Even if it creates a mess or eats up time. If you take out the trash, have them help bag it and tie the knots. If you cook supper, show them what you’re doing. If you do the dishes, or go to the store, or anything else, involve them in the process. As they grow older, they’ll naturally become more and more involved and you can become less and less involved - in other words, you’re teaching them how to be frugal adults who can do things for themselves.

So, for the parents out there, got any time or money saving tips to share? Leave them in comments please.

Eight tips from an ultra-frugal parent [The Simple Dollar, via]


    Money saving tips? Don't have children haha!

    Seriously though, one good one is make contact with someone who has a child in the year above yours in high school - we have an acquaintance who we've arranged to buy each year's text books second hand from. There's the added bonus of their second child being the next year below, so when she starts year 7 next year we'll sell any that are still relevant back to them at a further cheaper price.

    We find time the harder one though, the activities to free up one parent idea is great. We'll do things like one parent taking one or both kids to scout activities to give the other parent some down time. We'll also split our two kids so each one gets one on one time with a parent, which is good for the kids, and more relaxing for the parent, even if it's one parent and one kid doing the groceries or some gardening.

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