This Week's How To's

  • Stream Music from Your iPod touch or iPhone to Any iTunes Library(all platforms) "Stream music directly from your iPhone or iPod touch with the FireflyMediaServer application, a ported version of the same media service that shares iTunes libraries over your wireless network."
  • Make Shortcuts to Remote Desktops (Windows) "CyberNet News posts a shortcut one editor uses to shave seconds off connecting to other computers through Remote Desktop."
  • Tigerize Leopard (Mac) "Wired's How To Wiki details what it takes to get the old Tiger-style Dock back (a simple Terminal command) and replace the glowing blue dots with Tiger's old black triangles."
  • Make Your Linux Desktop Look Like a Mac (Linux) "Tired of hearing from all your Mac-happy friends how awesome Leopard looks? Got time to run through six pages of instructions? Then HowTo Forge has got you covered."
  • Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut (all platforms) "Today I'll show you how to use AutoHotkey to turn almost any action into a keyboard shortcut."
  • Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPod Touch with One Click (iPhone) "Jailbreaking the iPod touch/iPhone is now an utterly simple, one-click affair—which means if you've been waiting to jailbreak your iPod touch or iPhone (since the 1.1.1 firmware upgrade), the time is now."
  • Upgrade Mac OS X to Leopard (Mac) "You've been salivating for months over all the exciting goodies Apple has promised to deliver with Leopard, and now that you've got your install DVD, you're ready to make the upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5."
  • Make YouTube Better with Greasemonkey (Firefox extension) "From resizing videos and stopping YouTube from autoplaying videos (a la TubeStop) to adding better titles to YouTube pages so you know what video is in an unfocused tab, YouTube is ripe for a little tweaking—and that's just what these scripts do."


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