The Week's Best Posts

This week's best posts include:

  • Rebuild Your Mac with 20 Useful Downloads "You erased your hard drive to install Leopard, and now you've got to load your Mac up with all your essential software..."
  • Top 10 Free Video Rippers, Encoders, and Converters "To have your favourite clips how you want them—whether that's on your DVR, iPod, PSP or desktop—you need the right utility to convert 'em into the format that works for you."
  • Homemade Halloween Costume Photo Gallery "Last week we put out a call for the best do-it-yourself Halloween costumes lifehackers could come up with, complete with instructions and images. As usual, you did not disappoint."
  • Turn Thunderbird into the Ultimate Gmail IMAP Client "If IMAP's got you curious but you're not sure what desktop application to use with Gmail, consider the extensible, fast, cross-platform and free Mozilla Thunderbird, our beloved Firefox's little sibling."
  • Gmail Speeds Up, Improves Contacts "First IMAP support, and now a new version's rolling out which includes message pre-fetching for speedier performance, a new contacts manager, and more keyboard shortcuts."
  • Get A First Class Ticket For Coach Class Prices "First class airplane tickets might be less expensive than you think."
  • Auto-Hide Your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar "Love the bookmarks toolbar but only want it there when you need it? Reader Andy writes in with a tweak that makes the toolbar hide automatically, unless you mouse over it (like auto-hiding your Windows taskbar or Mac Dock.)"
  • The Simplicity of Time Machine Compels You "If you're running Leopard and you've got an external hard drive, you WILL back up your data, even if that wasn't your intention when you bought the drive or plugged it into your Mac."
  • Turn Any Action into a Keyboard Shortcut "The free, open source scripting language AutoHotkey may not be one of the most powerful or popular programming languages on the planet, but that's okay—it's not just made for programmers."


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