Things you can do with whiteboard markers

whiteboard.pngI thought that the use of whiteboard markers was confined to offices which actually have whiteboards, but thanks to the blog I have been enlightened (once I figured out that dry-erase markers is American for whiteboard markers).
You can use them to write notes to yourself on the bathroom mirror or glass desk (I like this one), or to label frozen food. Another nifty hint - cover an index card with contact and voila, instant reusable mini-whiteboard!

The list fails to point out the golden rule of dealing with whiteboard markers. Make sure you check that the pen is NON-PERMANENT before applying it to any of the surfaces listed above. Let's face it, every office you've ever worked in has some stupid doodle on the whiteboard left behind by someone who broke this rule. Don't be that someone. :)

10+ Things to Do with Dry-Erase Markers []


    When I'm a crew leader on a CFA (Vic. Country Fire Authority) truck, I use a whiteboard marker to write info down on the inside of the windscreen (passenger side of course) as it comes in on the radio. Things like radio channels and grid references.

    This is handy because other crew in the cabin can see it. It's like a HUD (head up display).

    to get rid of PERMANENT ink that shouldn't be - just scribble over the offending doodle with a WHITEBOARD marker and wipe off - the solvents in the WBM will also erase the PERM ink. :-)

    A very easy way to remove permanent marker from hard surfaces (glass, whiteboards, the fridge, your skull..) is simply to use a paper towel and some 91% isopropyl alcohol. Just standard, first aid alcohol you can get from nearly anywhere. 70% alcohol will work also. This will also work for dry-erase marker that isn't so easy to erase, especially after sitting on the whiteboard for a long time.

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