The rise of the mini-laptop

Ever since people realised that the OLPC's XO laptop would make a really cool mini-laptop for anyone, not just a kid, there seems to have been a rush of mini-laptops onto the market. The sub-1kg ASUS EeePC is the latest to hit Aussie shores, and today CNet in the US has written up the release of an energy efficient mini-laptop from Zonbu. As they rightly point out, a laptop weighing around 2.25kg with a screen size of 15 inches isn't exactly a mini-laptop.
If we're going to stretch the definition of "mini" that much, this isn't exactly a new category of laptop - Toshiba's had an ultra thin lappy on the market for several years, and Sony has a pretty tiny Vaio too. Guess it comes down to how you define it.
So would you look at replacing a standard laptop with a mini one? Read my review of the ASUS EeePC tomorrow to get my take on it. :)


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