The latest on troubleshooting Leopard

While some of us are still waiting to get our hands on the new Apple OS, the guys over at APC mag have been putting the cat through its paces. They’ve published a couple of useful articles looking at the state of play with application compatibility and Leopard, as well as an interesting article looking at the features which Apple seems to have dumped from their new OS.

Logitech mouse and keyboard users will hopefully already be aware that one piece of software it installs, Unsanity’s Application Enhancer, needs to be uninstalled before installing Leopard to avoid a system “bluescreen of death”  at start up. On the plus side, there’s a growing list of newly updated apps which are Leopard compatible, including “Filemaker, EyeTV, BBEdit, Newsfire, Transmit, XTorrent, Parallels (Beta, Build 5540) and Audio Hijack Pro.”

David Flynn’s article looking at what’s been cut from Leopard is an interesting read. Apparently its new version of Address Book no longer lets you “use Bluetooth to dial your mobile and send SMS messages from the Address Book, and then to read and reply to incoming SMS messages on your Mac”. The article looks at a third party app which will help, and looks at other features which have gone MIA. 

Leopard Giveth and Leopard Taketh Away [APC]

Leopard Compatibility: The Story So Far [APC]


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