Texter 0.6 Macro and Text Snippet App Now Available

Texter 0.6 Macro and Text Snippet App Now Available

renaming-hotstring.pngWindows only: Our very own text replacement and-then-some software Texter has updated to version 0.6, adding new features like instant replacements, universal spelling autocorrect, hotstring renaming, scripting shortcuts, improved bundle management, bug fixes and—of course—tons of under the hood improvements. Hit the jump for a more detailed look at what the latest Texter has to offer.

Here are the newest features you’ll want to check out in Texter:

  • instant-replacement.pngInstant Replacements: If you don’t like the Space, Tab, or Enter triggers, but would prefer instead that your hotstring executes as soon as you finish typing text, try out Texter’s new
  • Hotstring Renaming: You can now rename any current hotstring through the Texter Management by right-clicking it and defining a new one. Simple enough.
  • universal-autocorrect.pngUniversal Autocorerct: This feature’s still fairly experimental (i.e., it’s got some bugs to work out), but if you like Microsoft Word’s automatic inline autocorrect or the Wikipedia Universal AutoCorrect (which it’s based on), try enabling Universal Spelling AutoCorrect in the Preferences. Like I said, it’s got a few kinks, but I’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions for how it might be improved.
  • Scripting Shortcuts: If you’re big into using Texter to perform a little automated scripting, Texter now includes a simple keyboard shortcut that makes scripting tons easier: the Insert key. For example, if you want Texter to send an Enter keystroke, just hit Insert+Enter, which will automatically insert {Enter}. If you’re not familiar with scripts in Texter, these instructions (and this video) will help.

A few things to note from the new release:

  • 0.5 bundles are no longer compatible in 0.6. That said, you can just as easily re-export your current bundles for 0.6-ready bundles.
  • The new Texter is incompatible with pre-0.5 versions, so if you’re not using 0.5, you’ll need to set up your hotstrings again.

So if you’re ready to upgrade to the latest Texter, just head on over to the Texter homepage. Once you give the new Texter a test drive, I’d love to hear any feedback in the comments.


  • Texter works fairly well, but I have a complaint about the Universal AutoCorrect. AutoCorrect should not fix a word until the the spacebar, tab or enter button, or some form of punctuation is pressed. As it is, AutoCorrect tries to fix some words before I finish typing.

    The word that caused me to research the problem was “experience”. Your pipelist specifies “experienc” as been an error, which it is. But since AutoCorrect tries to finish the word as soon as I type “c”, I always end up with “experiencee”.

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