Synchronise Folders with SyncToy 2.0


Windows only: Synchronise the contents of two folders, either across your home network or on the same PC with a free utility from Microsoft, SyncToy. The 2.0 beta's been released and gotten smarter since the first time we pointed out SyncToy, adding smart drive letter detection (for when your USB drive gets assigned a different drive letter when you plug it in) and a more robust mechanism to include or exclude files from the synchronise action. Great for sync'ing files from your desktop to a USB drive or between two different computers on your home network, Adam uses it to sync his iTunes library between PC's. The SyncToy 2.0 beta is a free download for Windows only.


    It's a shame that SyncToy needs SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition as a pre-requisite. It's also pretty silly that it can't use SQL Server 2005 Enterprise which I already have installed on my machine. Perhaps this might be fixed when it exits beta?

    I haven't installed it - does it actually require SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SSCE) as a prerequisite, or does it come bundled with it. If it is the former then they need to reconsider their deployment options. SSCE is definitely the right option for this type of application but should imho be deployed alongside the application as a set of dlls (SSCE doesn't require installation as such to run since it runs in-process with the application using it).

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