Sync Your Windows Mobile Device and Mac with SyncMate

syncmate.jpgMac OS X only: Sync Your Windows Mobile Device and your Mac with freeware application SyncMate. In addition to syncing (which includes Address Book, iCal, bookmarks, notes, music, and photos), SyncMate boasts application installing, SMS management, and video and image conversion when copying to the device. Previously the go-to software for a Windows-Mobile-to-Mac sync was an application called Missing Sync, and despite its great features and interface, it costs a hefty $39.95. SyncMate—though still in beta—promises most of the same features but won't cost you a dime. I don't have a Windows Mobile device on hand to test this out, so if you give it a try let's hear how it worked in the comments.


    Hi everyone. SyncMate team is glad to announce that SyncMate is not beta anymore. It is offered in two versions: basic (completely free) and expert (you will have to pay for it). Expert version's got more features. SyncMate 1.3 guarantees full Entourage support and synchronization of Google Contacts and Google Calendar. More features have been introduced - you can check it out here:

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